By Michael Climek


So in a meager effort to make floppies less intimidating I thought I?d let you all know what I?m picking up this week. The list of what is shipping this week is taken here at Graham Cracker Comics.

Here is my list for comics shipping 07-10-08 (New Comics ship on Thursday this week due to the July 4th holiday)

Amazing Spider-Girl #22
Invincible Iron Man #3

Action #867
Batman Confidential #19
Booster Gold #1000000
Detective Comics #846
Final Crisis Requiem #1
Green Arrow Black Canary #10
Huntress Year One #5
Jokers Asylum: Penguin
Justice Society of America #17
Trinity #6
Wonder Woman #22

Wolfskin Annual #1

Hit the jump for the 4 weekly Recommendations

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Invincible Iron Man #3: This series has proved hugely entertaining so far, and Marvel has been putting out additional printings of the 2 previous issues so you should be able to track them down. It?s new ?hippest? writer Matt Fraction on Iron Man, and it?s almost as cool as the movie. Check it out, as I?m sure everyone loved the movie.

Booster Gold #1000000: Still one of the best series around. I just read the first trade (though I also have the floppies) over the weekend, and it?s just as satisfying and entertaining in a single collection. You need to be reading this book. It?s also very accessible as it jumps around between different time frames and alternate realities so the only constant you need is being aware of who Booster is. That?s easy.

Jokers Asylum: Penguin: The latest officially awesome writer (by virtue of recently doing an arc of Hellblazer) Jason Aaron takes a crack at Batman villain The Penguin. It should be good.

Final Crisis Requiem #1: The one-shot that specifically deals with the death of Martian Manhuner in Final Crisis. I?m not pleased about this death, but at the same time I love reading J?onn stories so I?m hugely conflicted here. Read this to whet your appetite for an eventual resurrection that won?t come soon enough.