By Michael Climek


So in a meager effort to make floppies less intimidating I thought I’d let you all know what I’m picking up this week. The list of what is shipping this week is taken here at Graham Cracker Comics.

Here is my list for comics shipping 07-02-08 (New Comics ship on Wednesdays)

American Dream #5
Astonishing X-Men #25
Dark Tower Long Road Home #5 a

All-New Atom #25
Batman #678
Batman Vs The Scarecrow One Shot
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #1 a
Blue Beetle #28
Jokers Asylum: The Joker
Legion Of Super-Heroes #43
Manhunter #32
Nightwing #146
Trinity #5

Hellblazer Presents Chas Knowledge #1

Boys #20

Hit the jump for the 4 Weekly Recommendations.

Blue Beetle #28: Every month I point out that this is the best book DC is putting out. I’m so confident in this proclamation that I will even buy other books that people suggest if people will also agree to in turn start buying Blue Beetle. This offer still stands. Every month I point out that Blue Beetle is accessible, action packed, fun, inventive, and charming. Buy this book, and buy the trades. You will be glad you did.

Nightwing #146: The buzz is growing on this book. Nightwing hasn’t been this good in years. It’s one of the DCU’s greatest characters drawn by Rags Morales and written by Tomasi. It’s highly entertaining, action packed, and treats Dick Grayson as the super-star of the DCU that we all know him to be. It’s really worth taking a look at.

Manhunter #32: If you did not notice last month, Manhunter is back! This is a kick-ass much beloved book. Any fans of procedural crime dramas, or action heroine stuff should check this out.

Batman #678: The latest installment of Batman RIP. Grant Morrison is turning in one of the most tense and action packed threats to Batman in the characters entire nearly 70 year history. Check this book out.

Special 5th Suggestion!!!

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #1 a: I get the feeling that many people won’t buy the books in DC’s roster that are labeled as ‘kids’ books. So I’m not putting this suggestion in the normal section. However, I’m pointing out here and now that all of DC’s kids line is totally bad-ass. Justice League Unlimited is one of the greatest comics I’ve ever read. And Tiny Titans makes me laugh out loud and puts a smile on my face. We, as an audience, should be more concerned with ensuring that there are some comics that are accessible for children and families. This is not to say all comics should be, but there should be some available and marketed well. This is a new ‘kids’ comic. Try it out for its first issue. But don’t assume because it’s for ‘kids’ it stupid, or unimportant. If anything most of the ‘kids’ books I read are better than ‘continuity’ books. Kids comics are accessible, done-in-one, and utterly joyous. Remind yourself why you got into comics in the first place, try this book out.