By Michael Climek


So in a meager effort to make floppies less intimidating I thought I’d let you all know what I’m picking up this week. The list of what is shipping this week is taken here at Graham Cracker Comics.

Here is my list for comics shipping 06-25-08 (New Comics ship on Wednesdays)

Avengers The Initiative #14
Captain America #39
Immortal Iron Fist #16
Thunderbolts #121
Wolverine First Class #4
X-Men First Class #13

Batman Gotham After Midnight #2
DCU Special Reign In Hell 80 Page
Final Crisis #2 batman cvr
Green Lantern #32
Huntress Year One #4
Superman #677
Trinity #4

No Hero #0

Hit the jump for the 4 weekly recommendations.

Final Crisis #2 batman cvr: Look you come here enough to know by now that I’m pumped about Final Crisis. The first issue was an ominous build toward imminent and truly frightening disaster. It’s Grant Morrison writing every DC character. And though I grieve mightily for my friend J’onn I know he’ll be back eventually. Also, I’m buying the Batman cover because admittedly those hero pose covers looks really bad-ass.

No Hero #0: New Warren Ellis series, from Avatar, where Warren basically gets to write whatever he wants. Black Summer stunned comic book land when it was released, make sure to get there early on this one as well.

Wolverine First Class #4: I’m finding this young adult friendly, non continuity book very entertaining. If you like the X-men but aren’t ready X-books right now, this book is likely perfect for you. The ‘First Class’ banner is really starting to communicate ‘fun, well written, and accessible.’

Batman Gotham After Midnight #2: I’m not usually the type who buys books for the art. Though I do follow a few such as Cliff Chang, George Perez, Kevin Maguire, Darick Robertson, and Jim Lee. But there is one other special case, this is Kelly Jones drawing Batman. Kelly Jones may draw other things, I’m not aware of them, but if he’s drawing Batman, it’s worth taking a look at. And Steve ’30 days of Night’ Niles is writing. This book is win-win.