By Michael Climek


Judging my Nintendo’s impressive sales numbers, and the always-sold-out status of the Wii, I’ll hazard a guess that most of you have a Wii. Furthermore if you’re reading this I’ll assume most of you have the internet. With this in mind you should download TV Show King immediately.

TV Show King is a casual trivia game that launched with the Wii-Ware service, Nintendo’s new program that allows new games to be downloaded directly onto the console. I was very psyched when one of my company’s games was included with the launch titles. Furthermore my team put a lot of work into this game, and I think the game is solid, so I want to promote it. It’s a great casual title for friends and family. And let’s face it; everyone likes trivia.

The game is only $10 and if you look around for the game credits you may see a few names you recognize. So pick it up, it’s worth it.